Sadoff Iron & Metal Celebrates 75-year Anniversary

Throughout the last 75 years, Sadoff has continued to provide an unwavering focus on safety and environmental responsibility, while earning a variety of sustainable and protective credentials and certifications. In short, it’s embedded and prominent in their company’s culture. Sadoff’s leadership team, including Mark Lasky, CEO, and Executive Vice Presidents Jason Lasky and Brad Lasky, share the company’s history, their grandfather’s impact on the business, and what they envision for the next 75 years (and more!) The History of Sadoff In the 1920s, Sadoff’s founder Edward H. Rudoy immigrated from Ukraine with his family. He then became a welder on WWII submarines in Manitowoc, where he met his future wife Belle. As described by his grandsons, Edward always wanted to be “the lead dog”. In 1947, when an opportunity presented itself to buy the Block Salvage Company in Oshkosh, Edward convinced a Chicago bank and Belle’s family to finance him. This bold, entrepreneurial course of action set the business on its path. In 1964, Edward purchased the Sadoff Iron & Metal Company in Fond du Lac, WI. Mark, Jason, and Brad’s father, as well as Edward’s son-in-law, Sheldon Lasky, joined the business in 1972. In addition, the company brought Wisconsin’s first automobile shredder in 1973. In 1991, Edward retired, and Sheldon took over. Throughout Edward’s and Sheldon’s careers with Sadoff, they also became leaders in the community.

Edward H. Rudoy, founder of Sadoff Iron & Metal, pictured in 1940.

Family-Owned Business Today’s leadership includes Mark, Jason, and Brad, and they’re determined to continue the traditions set forth by their grandfather and father. As described by Mark, “Edward and Sheldon’s philosophy was that our best method of growth was to grow with our customers. That was the foundation of how the company started and it continues through today.” The leadership team works together to carry on the legacy and make sure the business remains focused on its customers.

From left to right: Jason Lasky, executive vice president, Mark Lasky, CEO, and Brad Lasky, executive vice president at Sadoff Iron & Metal.

Sadoff’s Business Impact As an industry leader in scrap metal recycling, Sadoff prides itself in being a safe and sustainable company. Sadoff’s employees also understand and embrace the culture, atmosphere, and their purpose to contribute to the company. As third-generation leaders, Mark, Jason, and Brad stay in touch with the needs of their employees, the company, and their customers. Even though the business has grown over the years, they remain loyal and share the importance of the company’s success. What’s Next for Sadoff? When reflecting on Sadoff’s future, sustainability is becoming more of a priority for businesses and organizations and Sadoff has been focused on taking actionable steps to make this a reality. In 2016, the company began its newest recycling expansion with the addition of their R2-certified Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction company. Since branching out into this area, the company has assisted many more clients to meet their security and sustainability objectives. As they continue their hard work and dedication for the next 75 years, Sadoff is honored to share this milestone with their employees and the community. Learn more about us or contact us for your scrap metal recycling needs.

Sadoff Iron & Metal Fond du Lac scrap yard with employees in 2021.

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