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  What is Well City Fond du Lac?
Well City is an initiative based around WELCOA's Well-Workplace Award, designed to engage entire business communities in improving the health and well-being of their workforce. Fond du Lac business and community leaders have come together to engage in Well City Fond du Lac to help make the Fond du Lac workforce one of the healthiest in America by developing and delivering results-oriented, evidence-based health promotion programs at their worksites. The Well City Fond du Lac initiative will be a three-year journey resulting in no less than 20 Fond du Lac area employers  achieving Well Workplace designation.
Why Well City Fond du Lac is important for Fond du Lac Employers
  • Fond du Lac is ranked 51st out of 72 Wisconsin counties regarding health behaviors (including smoking, diet and exercise, alcohol use).
  • Workplace alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use costs U.S. companies over $100 billion each year.
  • Fond du Lac has a higher percentage of adult excessive drinking (26%) than the state average (23%).
  • Fond du Lac has a higher percentage of adult smoking (21%) than the state average (20%).
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance premiums have more than doubled in the past nine years, a rate three times faster than cumulative wage increases.
  • The average cost of an employer-based family insurance plans is approaching the annual earnings of a full-time minimum wage job.
  • Unhealthy workers utilize a disproportionate share of health plan benefits.
Join the Well City Fond du Lac initiative today
  • What you are agreeing to:
    • Appoint a Wellness Champion, who will be the driver of the Well Workplace process.
    • Complete a Well-Workplace Checklist and use the outcomes to form your program.
    • Become a WELCOA member.
    • Complete Well-Workplace University Training.
    • Implement the Well-Workplace model (7-Benchmarks of Success) at your worksite.
    • Submit an application for national Well Workplace recognition.
    • Once your organization has achieved Well Workplace status, you agree to mentor at least one other organization going through the process.
    • Click here to take the next step.

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